Premium Protective Style Kit
  • Premium Protective Style Kit

    Specially formulated to use while wearing protective styles!

    Formulated to keep hair hydrated, strong and growing fast while wearing braids, wigs, crochets, sew-ins and other protective styles.


    The Protective Style Kit is formulated with nutrient-rich, natural and organic ingredients proven to hydrated and strengthen the hair while healing the scalp and providing an optimal diet for malnourished follicles. The combination of vitamin packed herbs and oils delivers what the scalp needs to grow longer, stronger, healthier hair faster!  No more dry & brittle hair or massive shedding after taking out your protective style, just hydrated and strong hair! 


    8 oz Sulfate Free Moisturzing Shampoo

    8 oz Bamboo Leave-In Conditioner

    8 oz MSM Herbal Moisturizing Spray 

    4 oz Sulfur Based Hair Growth Accelerator Oil