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Growing up I was kind of a tomboy, so when I turned 21 I decided to be more ladylike and get a "ladylike" hairstyle! The French Roll was feminine and wildly popular at the time, so that's what I settled on.  (The picture is the day after the style). After getting a fresh relaxer the stylist started to glue tracks in (which I had no idea she was a requirement for the style). I can still remember how weird it felt to glue something to my scalp.


Two days later, my scalp started to itch and burn; it felt like the itch was under my scalp and was impossible to relieve.  I scratched with pens, paperclips, combs, anything I could get my hands on. Finally, I  had the beautician remove the tracks so I could give it the scratching of a lifetime!


When I woke up the next morning I was BALD! Every single place the glue touched was BALD! At 21 years old there was a bald spot, the size of the palm of my hand in my crown and severely thinning

patches throughout my head! I was devastated and embarrassed and mad and hurt and…! The first thing I did was run to the beauty supply store and purchased every growth product my paycheck would allow, but nothing worked.


For 5 years I did research and implemented it. I got steroid injections in my scalp, monthly infrared treatments and took every hair care vitamin on the market. My hair grew just enough to camouflage the area, but I wasn’t satisfied. I continue searching when I found a goldmine, an article listing all sorts of vitamins, minerals & herbs that were proven to grow hair. I mixed some stuff together and I finally got noticeable progress after 5 long years! My hair changed so much that people started asking me what I was using. The bald spot had shrunk significantly, and the rest of my hair had thickened up and grown past my shoulders for the first time since I was a kid.

That same year I had a daughter and as I saw her hair grow in and fall all out due to eczema (She had 6 strands of hair left) I realized her fine hair would never be able to withstand harsh chemicals and I needed to be an example for her (yes, I was still relaxing my hair going around the affected areas, I was addicted to straight hair). After wrapping my mind around no longer having a relaxer, I searched the internet for answers and ran across a community of transitioning women and women with natural hair and fell in love (this was in 2004, which was uncommon). Finally, in 2005 I put my last relaxer in.​


Once I stopped using chemicals and became more diligent with using the “kitchen mixes” on my hair, it grew so fast and thick people now wanted what I was using! (I documented the progress in the transition/natural hair community). In 2007, my life was in shambles! I was going through a divorce, I lost my job & my home was in the beginning stages of foreclosure! One night in November, during the darkest time of my life, I was given the vision to start a hair care line! I was already giving my friends and family my “kitchen mixes” and their hair was thriving. I also had an entire community of women asking me what I was doing with my hair. I took $50 from my dwindling bank account and made a batch of the product! I sold 5 jars the first week. (Original products pictured in 2007)


From 2007-2015, Sweet Nature by Eddie served thousands of customers nationally and internationally. We were becoming a highly recognized brand when my 13-year-old daughter


became serious about a career in acting & singing. I had to decide who's dream to follow because I couldn’t give her what she needed to succeed while running the business with the care and time it deserved! I decided to put Sweet Nature on hiatus in 2016. In December 2017, she signed with a talent agency and management company in LA so we relocated to LA from Michigan in Feb 2018. After we settled down, we relaunched the brand in July 2018, but then she was discovered by a record label in September 2018 and signed a record deal in March 2019, one day before her 16th birthday. CLICK THE LINK MAKHYLI TO CHECK HER OUT. Sweet Nature by Eddie is again thriving and growing each day.